soul tattoo artist

Ashley Glynn


Areas of speciality: I offer Soul Tattoo™ sessions, a modality I created that is a combination of clairvoyant reading, energy work, and one-of-a-kind Divinely channeled hand poked tattoo art unique for each soul that offers deep energetic healing, medicine, and acts as a symbol of empowerment and guidance forward on your path to your heart's truth. Read more here


More About Ash


“Inner and outer beauty are interconnected to one another.” -- Ash @wadulisiwoman

what wabi Sabi Beauty means to me

Wabi Sabi is allowance. It's the ebb and flow of waves of light and darkness. It's seeing the beauty in all of the cracks and bumps and flaws of the human experience and life in general. 


my style

 Feminine, flowing, earthy, playful, and natural. The energy of flowers tend to guide my aesthetic in art and in self. 


what i believe about inner and outer beauty

They are a reflection of each other. Inner beauty creates outer beauty. When you hold up a mirror within, you can begin to see all the outer radiance shining brightly without.