Becky Borman


" I love working with naturally curly & wavy hair textures. When it comes to hair color Freestyle Hair Painting is a favorite of mine! You'll often find me teaching styling techniques to my clients for low maintenance looks."


More About Becky


“I strive to connect and celebrate individuality. Curl On!”

-- BECKY @curlonbecky

What wabi Sabi Beauty means to me

Wabi Sabi Beauty is waking up everyday and appreciating what has changed and evolved. 

Recognizing the beauty in something uncomplicated and unexpected. 

Embracing our nautural hair texture is a wonderful way to experience this.


my style

Always laid back, keeping it on the natural side, with a touch individuality. 

Years of celebrating beautifully wild hair, including my own, has always jumpstarted my inspiration. 


what i believe about inner and outer beauty.

Inner beauty can begin to be seen when we make ourselves available for connection with others. 

This a great joy we can experience throughout our days with our neighbors, friends, community and with face to face interactions. 

Outer beauty can attract, but Inner Beauty Captivates.


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