Dani Morris


"I love working with all hair types and textures!" 



More About Dani


“Beauty has always come from within."  -- DANI @danicole_styling

what wabi Sabi Beauty means to me

Wabi Sabi Beauty means embracing what's real and enhancing what's beautifully unique. Hair is a malleable thing which evolves daily. I enjoy creating looks that are authentic to the individual and are great even as they grow or fade.


my style

My style: evolves with the seasons. I like variety and self expression. I consider myself a bit of a chameleon, always on the more "natural" side.


what i believe about inner and outer beauty

“Beauty has always come from within. It's something I firmly believe. External beauty is the way we show the world who we are. When we feel good about our outward appearance, it is because it lines up with how we view ourselves, and how we want others to "see" us.” - DANI @danicole_styling