Founder + HairSTYLIST

Kristina Louise Welzien


"There's an opening and opportunity to have what I call ‘a slow service’. As a human race, we've gotten pretty speedy and I don't imagine it slowing down anytime soon. So to have an environment where services are being provided with a holistic approach, allows for people to get connected to their body and what they're needing on all levels--the whole person meaning mind, body, and spirit.”   


More About Kristina


Wabi Sabi is like everything-- you have the light and the dark. Both are always present, beautiful and most excellent. - KRISTINA @xoklw

what wabi Sabi Beauty means to me

Wabi Sabi Beauty is an expression, a style, a taste of sour and sweet, a flash of bright light and low light. WSB is an experience. WSB to me, is when we can see, feel and celebrate all that makes us a whole being: body, spirit and mind. WSB can be experienced when our inner and outer beauty unites and dances together. 


my style

Is most eclectic with a little edge, fashion forward yet simple and down to earth. Customized at any point and time to best represent the essence and tone that wants to be expressed in the moment.


what i believe about inner and outer beauty

Inner beauty = Beauty that is above and beyond. Our true essence. Our spirit.

Outer Beauty = Our Body temple. Show cased by the gift we received showing up in this life time, the human form. Having maximum self expression with our outer image that others around us get to witness. Examples, our character, our hair, eyes, clothes, body shape, skin, voice and the list goes on.