Seasonal Wellness Educator | Licensed Acupuncturist

Lauren Kaneko-Jones


I'm a Licensed Acupuncturist who is passionate about supporting your highest form of well-being. It is always an honor to be a piece of someone's day and healing process. No matter your symptoms; pain, emotional stress, desire to check in, I love helping you to feel relaxed and energized when you leave the treatment. I spend a lot of time teaching seasonal wellness to support people through transformation because, the seasons change and so do you read more here.


More About Lauren


“We are always changing. The change becomes easier when we get support through our constant evolutions.” — Lauren


what wabi Sabi Beauty means to me

WS beauty is an extremely human approach to beauty. We are imperfect and always changing. How do we love ourselves through that change? Paying attention to seasons, light, dark, mood, highs and lows allows us to experience the incredible range we are given as humans. When we can get really present we can more graciously accept the changes that are happening.


my style

My style is very down to earth. I'm curious and like to be playful, but I love the elegance of simplicity. My fashion represents my approachable and grounded way of working. I like to cultivate a very calming presence. 


what i believe about inner and outer beauty

In Chinese medicine we look at the shen, the spirit as both the heart and the brain. The quality of shen shines through the eyes. Inner and outer beauty really come together when you can see a spark or sparkle in someone's eyes. Despite how this may sound this isn't always in a moment of happiness or inspiration, this spark can show through when someone is experiencing something that is deeply vulnerable. This spark is truly beautiful, it shows me someone's spirit which is such an intimate, human thing to see.