Ashley Mui - Human Development, Connection and Artistic Expression

The Unfolding @ WSB Testimonial:

For us, The Unfolding at Wabi Sabi Beauty was a return home. It held space for us to move from isolation to intimacy. It gave us room to express ourselves, connect with each other, and feel a little more free than we were when we first walked in. It gave us permission to feel something other than what we were feeling - maybe sadness, stuckness, loneliness and inch a little more toward freedom, gratitude, and joy. The Unfolding was a blend of rituals - meditation, reflection, conversation, and affirmation. WSB was the ideal backdrop for us to gather to take a deep breath, slow down, and just be present. And what was so special was to finally have a moment to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Gratuity Included in my hometown of San Francisco with co-founder, Human, and our Bay Area community.

Nolan Marketti