Staci Hall


"As a hairdresser I am known for creating effortlessly lived in organic styles. I love working with peoples natural texture whether it's curly or straight just finding a style that is most suitable for that person. I use different hair coloring techniques that create naturally beautiful effects."


More About Staci


We are always transforming.” -- Staci @stacihallhair

what wabi Sabi Beauty means to me

In a world where everything is pushed towards perfectionism, how beautiful is it to know that all things have their imperfections. Wabi Sabi to me means that we are all coexisting and influencing change in one another. We are always transforming. That is the beauty of it. 


my style

I would describe my style as effortless, minimal, down the earth, timeless, and chic.


what i believe about inner and outer beauty

To me, inner beauty is our personal energy that makes us who we are and is what we share with others. Outer beauty is our personal expression of the energy that we hold on the inside